Our 3 favorite food pairings with Seltzers

With three different flavors of our vine seltzers, we thought we might help give you some pairing suggestions! Our KC Vines seltzers are versatile, and a great option to add to your upcoming events, house warming gifts, and R&R time. Complete the perfect evening by learning more about our suggestions of 3 different food pairings for each occasion!

Peach Bellini:

This mid-day weekend treat from KC Vines has a hint of that traditional sweetness in a low carb, low sugar ready to drink container. This flavor pairs well with baked brie, fresh fish and street tacos. This is perfect to share with friends for a movie night or boozy brunch!

Sangria Spritz:

With our KC Seltzer Sangria Spritz take your taste buds to Spain and back without leaving your seat! This Midwestern crafted hometown seltzer has a nice fruity flavor. This drink pairs nicely with oily fish, stir fry or spicy fare. Bring this on your camping trip with friends or on a fishing trip with the guys.


Leave the lemonade stand to the kids and pick up our light and refreshing Lemoncello seltzer from our Kansas City winery. These are only 100 calories per can and 4.2% ABV. This seltzer pairs well with salads, fried fish and fresh cheese. Bring this drink to your pool party!

Want to learn more about where to purchase our vine seltzers and other products? Click here for our store locator and find a store near you that sells KC Vine Seltzers and Boozy Popsicles!

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